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‘Improve your quality of life’


This fireplace is inspired by the hillsides and using it evokes the feeling of being on a hillside. Warm and comfortable emotions accompany you whilst you lie on your back on its ergonomic seat beside the fire.


Hillside is comprised of an ergonomic sofa chair, and a coffee table, that integrates seamlessly together. Both have been designed using only three natural materials: oak, natural stone, and glass.


Hillside can be used as a simple and stylish coffee table when entertaining friends, but on cold nights can be converted into an extraordinary fireplace in just a minute. And then when you are relaxing alone, it can be changed once more, with a quick touch, into a relaxing sofa chair and fireplace. Hillside is so quick and simple to use that your life will change, just as you deserve it too. This creative idea makes your life easier and economises on space.


It’s adjustable, adaptable, efficient, and compact. In the comfort of your home, you will feel far away from the stresses of everyday life. It will improve the quality of your life, the way you breathe, and the way you feel.


This is a made by order product. Delivery time is eight to ten weeks within the UK and can be delivered within Europe. Please ask for international deliveries.

  • Coffee table settings

    Dimensions :

    Width: 130cm x Depth: 70cm x Height: 40cm
    Sofa settings
    Dimensions :

    Width: 130cm x Depth: 140cm x Height: 40cm
    Bioethanol Capacity : 5lt
    Heat Output : 13.000 BTU - 3.5 Kw/h
    Burning Time : 8 hours
    Ideal Space : 35m2
    Materials : Oak, Natural Stone, Tempered Glass, Cotton, Stainless Steel

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