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‘Feel the harmony of lights and colours’


The modern and elegant Aurora is inspired by the aurora borealis: the polar lights. The aurora borealis is a natural and colourful light display in the sky, particularly in the north and polar regions, caused by the collision of charged particles directed by the Earth‘s magnetic field.


Typically observed at night, this colourful light-dance makes your nights warmer. These complementary concepts of night and cold, and the opposing concepts of hot and cold are both fused together in the Aurora, a free-standing chimney-free fireplace which is composed of a natural stone surface, coloured transparent bearing legs, and a smokeless burner.


The natural stone, which has been reshaped but sticks to its natural form, combines with the fire burner to form a harmonious blend of hot and cold. When you touch Aurora’s natural surface and enjoy the warmth of its fire, you will feel far away from the stresses of your life. This unique design concept reflects the polar aurora perfectly.


Five legs symbolise the dance of the beam lights and its fluid lines will seduce you and open up the doors of your home to an amazing colour harmony. This amazing concept will not only improve your imagination and change your life, but also add different meanings to your living spaces.


This is a made by order product. Delivery time is eight to ten weeks within the UK and can be delivered within Europe. Please ask for international deliveries.

  • Dimensions :
    Width: 130cm x Depth: 70cm x Height: 38,5cm
    Bioethanol Capacity : 2.5lt
    Heat Output : 8.500 BTU - 2.5 Kw/h
    Burning Time : 6.5 - 7.5 hours
    Ideal Space : 30m2
    Materials : Natural Stone, Aluminium, Metal, Ceramic, Acrylic, Polyamide

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