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Aztecs are one of the most significant civilizations in human history. They developed a sophisticated system of education, trade, agriculture, and astronomy, and thanks to them; popcorn.

This beautiful Aztec designer side table with its tribal patterns will bring a unique artistic flair to your surroundings.

Complemented with stylish triangular cross-section legs that are made from solid beech, this striking table will add beauty and functionality to your own space.

to be updated on future

 Ancient concepts such as   

 Mesopotamian, Greek, Chinese..


New York City

 street map on steel 


Map On Table New York City Turquoise Blue by AgarDC
Map on table introduces an idea where  streets and design intertwine.

Inspired by the streets of London, and followed by New York City this table is intricately designed for those who desire a standout piece of furniture.

Modern and stylish this table will bring class and functionality to your own space.

to be updated

   for future cities 

San Francisco

Los Angeles




CityScape Table

   Showcasing these 
  famous cities : 

 New York 
 San Diego 
 Los Angeles 
 Hong Kong 

Cityscape Table

We all like discovery and there are places we never forget. They follow us into our living spaces. The Cityscape Table is inspired by iconic cities and contains famous silhouettes on them.

If you get bored with the ordinary designs that mass market furniture stores have to offer, you will definitely enjoy having this sculptural table. It is a combination of art and a piece of furniture together. It will give you a nice connection to your favourite places.

The Cityscape Table is inspired by the world's most iconic cities, the famous cityscapes are highlighted with a laser-engraved technique creating an eye-catching textured effect.

Combining art and furniture together was the inspiration behind these dramatic and captivating side tables. Featuring some of the world's most beautiful cities, you can choose from: New York, San Diego, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Sydney, Toronto, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Istanbul and Moscow.  These tables are modern, stylish, contemporary and impressive.

to be updated

Cityscape Table London Turquoise Blue by AgarDC

               for future cities 

New York, San Diego, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Sydney, Toronto, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Istanbul, Moscow and more.

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